Phát Âm Hay Contest Result

Diem Le


Hello everyone, especially those who joined in my Phat Am Hay Contest.

Our pronunciation contest has just come to an end and today is the result release date. Just a couple of minutes later, all of us will know who are the winners.

Pronunciation is the most important and difficult problem that non-native English speakers have to face when studying English. Improper pronunciation can lead to negative impression, misunderstanding and ineffective communication.

In the contest, if you listen to the performance of contesters carefully, you can feel that they sounded very naturally and feel just like native speaker. It is because they spent years and years on practicing pronunciation and speaking in general. They are the good examples for all Vietnamese students to pursue the dream of being a master of English. It’s easy and not as difficult as you may think. Just need time, be patient and practice a lot more.

Pronunciation is a good start to be fluent in speaking and listening English. And I hope all of you will love pronunciation and practice almost every day.

Let’s come back to the result of the contest.

After scoring the recordings by software and by our organizing team and calculating the quantity of likes and comments in fanpage of Phat Am Hay, I can say that all proactive and excellent contesters are deserved the first prize. All have read and pronounced very well with good intonation and liaison.

Therefore I have changed the prize system a little bit. There will be 2 first prize and 3 third prize as the two first prize contesters are both excellent and got a lot of supports from family and friends. First prize is the pair of NIKE shoes worth 3 million VND and third prize is also a pair of fashionable shoes worth 6 hundred thousand VND. I will contact each winner to see how I can deliver the shoes to them.

I am going to read out loud the result of the contest. [Listen in video]

Congratulations on the winners of the contest. Again, thanks for joining in the Phat Am Hay contest and all contesters performed very well and actively. Keep practice more and if possible, help others beside you with their pronunciation and English.

For more information and clips about pronunciation or further contest, please follow me in my website, fanpage and facebook at phatamhay.com

Thanks all and wish you a happy Lunar New Year.

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